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Learn How You Can Enjoy Great Protection Without Overpaying

If you smoke or use other tobacco products, you may have put off shopping for coverage for fear of the costs involved, and understandably so. Smokers usually pay at least double the premiums that nonsmokers do. Rates are based on mortality risk, and these individuals present a much higher risk of death than those who don't practice this habit. In other words, there is a much greater chance that an insurer will have to pay out a death claim on a smoker's policy than that of a nonsmoker. As a result, life insurers charge these consumers higher premiums. Although the prices smokers pay for a plan will be higher, this does not mean that you cannot find affordable quotes.

Shopping the Smart Way

Shopping around for competitive pricing is the smartest way to purchase coverage. Tobacco users will always pay more for a plan, but buying quality coverage doesn't necessarily have to break your budget. Insurers all calculate risk in different ways, which means they will all charge varying prices. By comparing prices from several different companies such as http://www.mylifeinsurancetips.com, you are more likely to come across an insurer that doesn't penalize a policyholder as heavily for smoking.

Insurers with Expertise

When you shop for quotes with us, we'll help you find insurers that have experience in dealing with tobacco-using applicants. Our trusted affiliates issue coverage to consumers like you every day, and they can provide you with accurate and reliable pricing estimates. We partner with multiple insurers, all of whom must compete for your business when you sign up for estimates. With this added competition, you are more likely to receive competitive pricing.

How We Can Help

The primary purpose of our site is to help you get free quotes from respected national providers. When you complete our sign-up form, you'll be shown at least four quotes on policies for tobacco users. You can compare the options we show you, apply for the policy you want with the appropriate insurer, or save the offers to review at any time. The other function of our site is to provide consumers with quality information on how to obtain protection and minimize the costs of doing so. We'll discuss the basics of underwriting and provide tips on choosing affordable protection for everyone.